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Reginald Bolding, Jr.

Personal Information:
Home City: Laveen
Occupation: Managing Director, Education Non-Profit
Member Since: 2015

In 2018, Reginald Bolding was re-elected to serve a third-term in the Arizona House of Representatives. Bolding was also elected by his colleagues to serve in Democratic Leadership as the House Minority Whip. He serves as the Ranking Member of the House Education Committee and sits on the Federal Relations Committee. Bolding has established himself as one of the most respected legislators in the chamber working on legislation focused on education, economic development, criminal justice, and veterans and civil rights. Bolding has been a leading advocate fighting for issues directly impacting our most vulnerable Arizona communities.

While serving in the legislature, Representative Bolding has been recognized as the Public Elected Official of the Year by several organizations including the AFL-CIO (2018), the National Association of Social Workers (2018), the Arizona Community Action Association (2017), along with several other awards including being named to the Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 under 40 list (2012).

Arizona State Representative Reginald Bolding is an educator, community leader and social entrepreneur. Bolding, a first-generation college student, is an outstanding scholar in both education and justice studies. After graduating at the top of his class from the University of Cincinnati, where he earned an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and International Security, Bolding turned down a full-ride law school scholarship to become a Special Education teacher in South Phoenix to teach underserved youth.

Growing up in an underserved neighborhood himself, Bolding understood firsthand the obstacles and barriers faced by youth and families in these communities and wanted to help create change. He has launched and founded several social ventures focused on community and youth employment. In 2010, he started a non-profit organization to provide students from low-income communities access to internships and workforce development training at top companies and organizations in Arizona. Currently, Bolding runs a civic engagement organization, Arizona Coalition for Change, which empowers everyday citizens to grow their civic and political power to change their communities for the better.

Nationally, Bolding serves as the Chair of Business and Economic Development for the National Black Caucus of State Legislators. In the community Bolding sits on the Board of Directors for the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and Leading for Change. Bolding lives in Phoenix with his wife Cymone and their daughter Faith.

Sponsored Bills


Bill Number
Sponsor Type
Short/NOW Title
HB2099 C voting rights; restoration; felonies.
HB2100 C appropriation; 2020 census; outreach
HB2101 C minors; consent; housing; shelter services
HB2102 C railroad crew requirements
HB2103 C appropriation; DOR; auditors and collectors
HB2104 C TANF; sanctions
HB2123 C TPT; distribution; community college districts..
HB2124 C child care assistance monies; allocation
HB2125 C supplemental appropriation; child care assistance
HB2142 P* driver license fees; homeless exemption
HB2154 C private prison security officers; certification
HB2155 C private prison contractors; public records
HB2156 C employment; training; termination; conditions; discrimination
HB2157 C overtime pay
HB2169 P* incarceration; prohibited; failure to pay
HB2170 P* juveniles; natural life sentence; repeal
HB2171 P* indigent defense fund; distribution; purpose
HB2172 P* rear-facing car seats
HB2173 P* peace officer database; disciplinary actions
HB2174 P* criminal; arrest records; erasure
HB2184 C English language learners; instruction; budgeting..
HB2186 C school meals; unpaid fees
HB2193 P* high schools; college accessibility awareness
HB2194 P* inmate telephone systems; prohibited contracts
HB2203 C appropriation; school facilities; building renewal
HB2208 C early ballots; affidavit; collection
HB2209 C early ballot collection; limitations; repeal
HB2210 C campaign finance; covered transfers; disclosure
HB2211 C voting centers; board of supervisors
HB2213 C repetitive offenders; strike prior felony
HB2215 C automatic voter registration; licenses; IDs
HB2216 C voter registration same day
HB2217 C capital investment incentives; small businesses
HB2218 C appropriations; primary care loan repayment
HB2219 C results-based funding; schools; repeal; appropriation
HB2220 C charter schools; auditors; requirement
HB2221 C charter school board members; conflicts
HB2222 C charter schools; procurement requirements
HB2223 C youth entrepreneurship; pilot program; appropriation
HB2224 C procurement; Arizona bidders; preference
HB2226 C family leave
HB2227 C employment; employee work scheduling
HB2228 C schools; prohibited courses; repeal
HB2250 C STO scholarship; means testing
HB2251 C STO aggregate credits; cap freeze
HB2252 C STO scholarship; student transfers
HB2253 C STO scholarships; beneficiary recommendations
HB2254 C STO cap; general fund percentage
HB2255 C STO credit cap; growth trigger
HB2256 C STO; administrative costs; allocation
HB2268 C appropriations; community colleges
HB2296 C corporate income tax; rate increase
HB2297 C corporate minimum income tax
HB2310 C school procurement; lowest bidder; repeal
HB2311 C incorrect arrest; record clearance
(NOW: record clearance; incorrect arrest)
HB2312 C appropriation; coordinated homeless youth services
HB2313 C TPT; use tax; service; exclusions
HB2314 C consular identification cards; permitted use
HB2321 C public service scholarship fund
HB2332 C abortion; religious employers; contraception; repeal
HB2333 C campaign finance; corporate recipients; registration
HB2334 C independent expenditures; corporations; funding disclosure
HB2335 C student loan servicers; licensure
HB2336 C state employees; political activities
HB2337 C family planning; grant distribution; repeal
HB2338 C appropriation; financial aid trust fund
HB2339 C appropriation; affordable housing
HB2340 C campaign finance; repeal; reenactment
HB2341 C ballot measures; descriptive title; summary
HB2343 C contraception; cost sharing prohibition
HB2344 C criminal responsibility; gender identity; expression
HB2345 C credit security freezes; timing
HB2346 C retirement systems; investment fees; disclosures
HB2347 C medical services; purchase; premiums
HB2348 C college credit by examination; repeal
HB2351 C medical services; purchase; study committee
HB2365 C tax credits; affordable housing
HB2381 C crime reporting; gender identity; expression
HB2426 C state employees; paid family leave
HB2427 C postsecondary education; residents; financial aid
HB2455 C state aviation fund; purpose
HB2456 C appropriation; state aviation fund
HB2457 C school instruction; AIDS; homosexuality.
HB2491 P* Arizona national board certification fund
HB2492 P* state highway work zones; accidents
HB2525 C experienced teacher retention pilot program
HB2529 C diaper changing stations; public restrooms
HB2531 C hands-free wireless communication devices; driving
HB2537 C medical marijuana act; modifications
HB2555 C civil penalty; marijuana
HB2558 C statewide ADA coordinator; appropriation
HB2562 C school counselors; grants.
HB2570 C study committee; murdered indigenous women.
HB2571 C detained juveniles; advisements; notifications
HB2583 C internal revenue code; conformity
HB2619 C school district overexpenditures; crisis teams
HB2624 C DCS; investigation; schools; children; disabilities
HB2625 C appropriation; military; discharge; tribal ceremonies
HB2626 C appropriation; laboratory; Navajo technical university
HB2627 C DWR; tribal consultation
HB2629 C election law revisions
HB2630 C freshwater ecosystems; ecological water; survey.
HB2642 C charter schools; lunches; national acts
HB2644 C kinship foster care; provisional license
HB2645 C appropriations; early childhood; block grants
HB2646 C department of agriculture; application review
(NOW: commerce authority; application review)
HB2647 C teacher resignation; contract damages
HB2648 C appropriation; school support personnel; salaries
HB2649 C school funding; inflation adjustments
HB2650 C teachers; contracts; salary reductions
HB2651 C charter school governance; meetings; records
HB2652 C teacher evaluations; academic progress measures
HB2653 C school funding task force
HB2656 C abortion; reason; report; repeal
HB2691 C appropriation; rollover; additional assistance
HB2694 C funeral escorts; funeral board licensure
HB2696 C fetal resuscitation; repeal
HB2702 C TPT; marketplace facilitators; nexus
HB2709 C CTEDs; nonprofits; private postsecondary institutions
HB2714 C appropriations; universities; resident tuition.
HB2726 C corporate income tax credit; moratorium
HB2727 C commerce authority; qualified investors; report
HB2741 P* contracting; investments; prohibition; border wall
HB2742 P* schools; current year funding; elimination
HB2743 P* schools; suspensions and expulsions
HB2744 P* schools; poverty foster neglect weight
HB2745 P* auditor general; audit; prison spending
HCM2001 C deported veterans; medical treatment
HCR2007 C public programs; citizens; repeal
HCR2015 P* conduct of elections; voters’ rights
HCR2016 C marriage requirement; repeal
HCR2017 P* jazz day; jazz appreciation month
HCR2021 C right to vote
HCR2030 C ratification of equal rights amendment. . .
HCR2032 C holocaust education; support; schools
HCR2035 C Officer Clayton Townsend; death resolution
HCR2036 C tax expenditures; rates; supermajority vote
HCR2037 C campaign finance; disclosure; source
HCR2038 C income tax; education
HR2003 C white supremacists; neo-Nazis; condemning
SB1014 C English language learners; instruction; budgeting
SB1165 C prohibition; texting while driving
(NOW: texting while driving; prohibition)
SB1250 C sexual assault protective order
(NOW: protective orders; sexual assault)
SB1324 C repeal; right to work
SB1363 C tobacco products; prohibited sales; signage
SB1474 C POW/MIA flag; display
SB1518 C appropriations; universities; resident tuition
SB1534 C fixed-index annuities; disclosure; indexing
(NOW: annuity disclosure; rules)
SCR1009 C ratification of equal rights amendment..
SCR1012 C right to work; repeal
SCR1027 C Stan Furman; death resolution

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